Will my job be taken by AI?

Very unlikely. But it will probably be taken by someone who understands and wields AI.

Will AI destroy the world?

Absolutely not. But some people will undoubtedly use AI for their own benefit, at the expense of others.

In 2023, it is your resposibility to understand what AI is, isn't, can and can't do, and how you can use it for your personal benefit and to help others. Hiw.ai - as in highway - was created specifically to help you do this.

Hiw.ai - as in Highway - is a resource for non-specialists to learn about the most important aspects of Artificial Intelligence, in-depth but in simple terms. It aims to arm readers with enough understanding to be able to :

  • Use the most appropriate tools to stay ahead of the curve in their work and private lives.
  • See through the toxic narratives that surround the rise of all disruptive technologies and make informed choices.
  • Gain an appreciation for the creative and intellectual work behind some of those fascinating systems.
  • Make AI not just an inevitable part of their life, but one that is a source of satisfaction and balance.

About the author

My university years led to a PhD in applied mathematics and machine learning. Since that time, my professional carreer has taken me through multiple R&Ds, in technical roles, in product marketing, then in content marketing. That steered me from a study of artificial intelligence to one of the human brain, but I never lost interest in my first love. I'm now linking the two with this new chapter of my work.

As the abilities of Artificial Intelligence grow exponentially, they attract more and more attention and create an increasingly polarized view on the topic. Between the utopian future envisioned by some (perfect rulers, abundance for all) and the gate to hell presented by others (massive job losses, technocratic tyrants ending humanity ...) the current conversation leaves little room for the less hollywoodian scenarios that represent 99% of probability. The goal of this website is to explore this less sensational middle ground, and structure your understanding of it.

Topics covered. And why text only?

I don't do video. Video is fantastic for entertainment. Text is far better for learning (every single study proves it). This website is for learning :) At your own pace, if and when you want to. But it's definitely not entertainment.

The topics covered in the website are the following : history, because it is often fascinating, and provides some clues about what is being written in articles today; ethics, because biases and dangers in AI are human-driven; technology, to explain how things work; news, to keep up to date with recent developments; benefits and dangers, in real life.

Contributors welcome

All my websites are collaborative by design. I start them in the hope that others will join in and add valuable contributions, for the benefit of all. If that sounds like something you'd like to join, please let me know :)

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